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Book 4: The Lions Lair
Book 4: The Lions Lair

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In a wicked lightning strike of a tale our favorite action-adventure heroes, Rocky and Buff, start off with a twisting, turning Cajun paddle boat ride that sends them head on with the dastardly Dr. Bonez! This frightening maniac and his henchmen are delivering a diamond key that can unleash an uncontrolled power!

Will this prove to be more challenging than any previous adventure for the two best friends?

Book Four of this series opens up the world of the magical spirit in charge of the (A.R.K.) Animal Rescue Kingdom. Will the spirit, Kiara, use the key for good or evil in this tale of A Lions Lair? Can she trick Rocky and Buff into following her into the famous mountain range that hides the ancient secrets of the animal world?

“Her silken white coat shimmered in the blue crystalline light. Aquamarine eyes with the most ominous stare freeze anyone who dares to look directly at her. The frigid air sliced instantly into shards when her three tails turned razor sharp!”

Grab your coat, gloves and toque! It’s time for ice, snow and being chilled to the Bonez! Can Rocky and Buff overcome this daring challenge…

Or will this “Most Certainly Be The End?”