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Cameron, with the support and a few nudges from his dad, Michael, is learning the art of publishing his action adventure fiction series. He started the storyline at the age of six. The words "We never finish anything" led to the accomplishment of printing the first 1000 copies at the age of ten.

With a seasoned team, Cameron is taking us on a new adventure series. Rocky and Buff travel to Hawaii in A Volcanic Vacation and then to the southern swamps outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. A Treacherous Treasure rolls out of the page turning novel in a manner that only a kid could imagine. These are his tales of two of the most unlikely of friends! Cameron is now thirteen years old and lives in Austin, Texas with his family and two dogs, Ruby and Tallulah. You are invited to follow Cameron on Facebook at the Cameron Ferweda Author page for updates on future books and exciting new products.

Written by a kid 4 Kids